It’s no coincidence that we celebrate National Water Quality Month during the hottest time of the year for many Americans. As some US cities reach record temperatures, August is the perfect time to bring awareness to the importance of clean and safe drinking water.

Why is water quality so important?

Water is known as the source of life. Clean and safe water is a resource critical to survival– not just for us humans, but for any and all forms of life. We celebrate National Water Quality Month throughout August to bring awareness to the quality of our water sources and the growing need to protect them. Whether for drinking, sanitation, agriculture, or industry, water plays a huge role in our health, ecosystem, and future.

Clean water is essential to human health.

Clean water is essential for the health, safety, and survival of humans. Contaminated water can result in waterborne illnesses and health problems. By ensuring the best water quality, we protect our health and invest in the future of our communities.

Clean water supports a balanced ecosystem.

Water quality is important because clean water allows aquatic ecosystems to thrive. Pollution and toxins can upset the delicate balance needed for survival, setting off a chain reaction impacting plants, fish, and even the tiniest of organisms.

Clean water is crucial to our agriculture and economy.

With a reliable supply of clean water, farms can produce our food supply. But contaminated water can kill crops, harm livestock, cause food shortages, and even impact the economy. Clean water keeps the cycle of food and commerce going round and round.

Clean water enhances our quality of life.

Water quality is important for drinking but also for recreation and aesthetics, too. A clean body of water can be a great local source for recreation and tourism. Plus, clean waterways can enhance our quality of life and contribute to the community’s value.

How can we protect our water quality?

Protecting our water quality doesn’t have to be at the cost of our comfort. Finding ways to conserve water and reduce pollution are easy. For Water Quality Month, let us strive for access to clean drinking water for all.

Find ways to conserve water.

When it comes to saving water, every bit of effort can make a difference. Protect water quality by finding ways to conserve water, like turning off the tap when you brush your teeth, or improving the efficiency of your household appliances with the addition of a water-softening system. Practicing mindful water use doesn’t have to be a personal sacrifice! Even simple checks for leaks can go a long way in reducing water waste.

Reduce pollution by disposing properly of fertilizer, antibacterial products, and pesticides.

We can protect our water quality by reducing pollution in our waterways. By disposing properly of fertilizer, antibacterial products, and pesticides, as well as electronics and pharmaceuticals, we can keep these chemicals from seeping into the local groundwater supply.

Hold industries and farms accountable for large-scale dumping and agricultural runoff.

The agriculture industry consumes nearly 70% of the water supply and stands as the single biggest contributor to surface water pollution. Snowmelt, rainfall, and irrigation runoff carry manure, bacteria, fertilizer, and contaminated sediment to pollute the water supply. Organizations like Greenpeace are campaigning to hold the agriculture industry accountable for environmental rights violations like water pollution and waste dumping with the 10 Principles for Corporate Accountability.

Invest in a water softener solution that works for YOUR home.

Protecting your water quality will require a personalized water treatment plan for your home. If your home has especially hard water, you may notice that washing your hair or clothes requires an extra rinse. Over time, all that extra water usage adds up! Investing in a water softener can help you save time, water, and money by cutting through the limescale and getting a deep clean in half the time.

And if you want a hard water solution without the commitment, our soft water delivery service offers all the benefits of soft water without installing a whole-house system. Save water by investing in the water softener solution that works for your home! This National Water Quality Month, let’s unite to protect our most precious resource. By making small changes in our household, we can make a big difference in our water quality. Contact us at Palm Springs Water Systems to learn more.

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