Water Softeners

Did you know? The long-term impact that hard water can have on household plumbing and appliances can be extremely costly. If left untreated, hard water can calcify causing irreversible corrosion, expensive repairs, or pricey product replacements for water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers.

That’s where we at Palm Springs Water Systems come in. A good quality water softening system will solve your hard water problems and save your family a lot of money. With one of our water softeners, you could see a considerable decrease in the amount of soaps and detergents needed, and increase the lifespan of clothes and household plumbing fixtures. Our water softeners can save an average family of four thousands of dollars per year!

Some of our favorite and most versatile water softeners are shown below. But, feel free to contact us for an in-home water test to help you understand the quality of your home’s water. Then, you’ll be better equipped to know which of our water softeners might be best for you.

6 Ways Installing a Water Softener can save you money

Palm Springs Water Systems Products – Available for lease or purchase

Water Softners in Palm Springs, CA

PSWS 1000/1500 Series
Home Water Softener


    • Space Saver Model Available!
    • Durable, Long Lasting System
    • Affordable Water


    • Digital Controller
    • Industry Proven Control Valve
    • Metered Efficiency
    • 24Volt Electrical for Safety
    • 3/4” or 1” Connections
    • Factory Set for Maximum Efficiency

    EXCEPTIONAL WARRANTY (See Warranty Terms for Details)

    • Lifetime Warranty (Not Transferable):
      Valve Body, Resin Tank, and Salt Storage Tank
    • Five Years:
      Internal Valve Parts, Timer Assembly or Electronics
    • One Year:
      Entire Water Softener

    When it comes to your water, Palm Springs Water Systems delivers.