Residential Water Services

residential water services for drinking water

Residential Water Services: Drinking Water Systems, Conditioners, & Soft Water Service

Palm Springs Water Systems has been offering residential water services and products since 1963. Our products are held to the highest standards in the industry.

Below are our most popular residential water services and products. We offer many more products, including custom solutions, so we welcome you to contact us to discuss your options.

Palm Springs Water Systems Products – Available for lease or purchase

residential portable exchange tank service

Soft Water Service

Our PE Tank Service – also known as soft water delivery service – provides the same benefits of a water softener but uses no salt in the home. Rather, regeneration takes place in a centralized regeneration facility by our trained technicians.

residential drinking water systems

Drinking Water Systems

Are you looking for an under-the-sink drinking water system that conveniently dispenses healthy, great-tasting water right at your sink? We are here to help!  Call us for an in-home water test and to see which systems are the best fit for your home.

residential water softeners and conditioners

Water Softeners

A good quality water softening system will solve your hard water problems and save your family a lot of money. Contact us for an in-home water test to help you understand the quality of your home’s water and which system might be best for you.

residential portable exchange tank service

Chlorine Removal Systems

Our Chlorine Removal Filtration Systems adsorb the chlorine in your water without leaving any negative effects on your water supply. Our systems are affordable, easy to use, and extremely effective. So remove the chlorine and start enjoying your water.

Residential water treatment units can be customized for Commercial use!

When it comes to your water, Palm Springs Water Systems delivers.