Are water softeners bad for the environment?

Everyone appreciates high quality water, but sometimes water quality comes at a difficult cost. One of the biggest challenges with water softening today is the impact that salt-based water softeners can have on the environment. While these soft water systems can help to eliminate the effects of hard water, salt-based water softeners can also contribute to salt pollution. Consumers shouldn’t be forced to sacrifice the promise of improved quality of life now or shoulder the burden of the water crisis alone. 


At Palm Springs Water Systems, we want you to have access to softened, filtered water without having to sacrifice the benefits that come with using soft water.


Portable soft water exchange tanks are the environmentally friendly option.

Portable soft water exchange tanks work as self-contained water-softening solutions. Since this water treatment system does not depend on your home’s electricity or water, there are no added utility costs associated with portable exchange tanks and soft water delivery service. And since portable exchange tanks do not produce brine or salt discharge, they are always permitted by HOAs or in other heavily regulated areas. Because portable exchange tanks don’t require additional water and work great within water restrictions, they’re just better for the environment.


PE tanks have no hidden costs and no commitment.

Portable exchange (PE) tanks are a great sustainable solution for water management. With soft water delivery service, you don’t have to make any big or recurring purchases, so it’s easy to update your water treatment system needs with the technology. No electricity required, no water or drain required, and … no salt required!


Soft water delivery service allows for flexibility.

Since portable exchange tanks do not require electricity or water, soft water delivery service is a great option for seasonal properties. It’s easy to schedule PE tanks to be delivered only when you need them. And when the property is unoccupied, there’s no need to cancel or account for utilities. Portable exchange tanks are specially designed to be space efficient and installation is minimally invasive. 


There are currently restrictions on salt water and brine discharge and water use in many California communities. Many times, it is these areas with hard water that would benefit the most from a water softener. Portable exchange tanks and soft water delivery service provide all the benefits of a water softener while still following brine regulations and water-use restrictions in California.


Soft water delivery service provides high quality, softened water for your home or business.

Since portable exchange tanks are the environmentally friendly alternative to water softeners, they are permitted everywhere. You don’t have to worry about constantly changing water restrictions or contributing to salt pollution! Plus, soft water delivery service requires nothing at all from the customer, making them a sustainable solution that encourages the customer to grow with the advances in the industry. The system is completely maintained by the team at Palm Springs Water Systems and is 100% hassle free.


Palm Springs Water Systems is a family-owned business that is a pioneer in the water softening industry in the Coachella Valley. Our technicians will address your concerns and help you find a water quality solution that works for you! To get started with the most eco-friendly water treatment choices in Palm Springs, contact us today.

When it comes to your water, Palm Springs Water Systems delivers.