Hard water is water that is higher in minerals like magnesium and calcium. By some accounts, hard water is found in nearly 90% of homes in the US! This water is so packed with minerals that hard water buildup can clog pipes and coat appliances. These minerals can bind to your curls and weigh them down, keep them from getting hydrated, and leave your coils permanently damaged. Hard water can damage all hair types, but natural hair and curly hair are especially prone to breakage from dryness.


How does water hardness affect curly hair?

The harsh effects of hard water will differ from scalp to scalp, but hard water buildup generally results in heavy, lifeless curls with an extra side of untamable frizz. The symptoms of water hardness can be obvious immediately or you may experience drastic damage due to buildup after an extended time. Either way, it’s clear that your curls aren’t getting the nutrients or hydration that they need. 



The effects of water hardness on curly hair can be confusing. You might be wondering, Why is my scalp greasy? And then … why are my strands dry and brittle? Celeb stylist Irinel de Leon tells Cosmopolitan, “Hard water can coat curly hair with a film of mineral buildup that leaves hair feeling filmy, straw-like, and also stretches curls, causing them to go limp.” The ultimate bad hair day! The hard water buildup keeps your hair and scalp from absorbing the moisture it needs. So even if you’re using products like Olaplex and rosemary, those nutrients are getting washed down the drain. Over time, the lack of hydration will result in dryness, breakage, loss of volume, and can even change your curl pattern. 


The importance of a water softener to the curly hair routine

Introducing a water softener to your curly hair routine can transform your tendrils from lackluster to blockbuster! Since the majority of American households have hard water, most people could benefit from installing a water softener in their home. But a water softener is essential for people with curly hair. With all the time and effort spent to protect the health of your curls, it can be frustrating to think that hard water is keeping you from receiving the full benefits of your masks and leave-in conditioners. But it’s not too late to get your bounce back!



By removing minerals like calcium and magnesium that make the water hard, water softeners effectively reduce the harmful effects of hard water. Hard water tends to block hair follicles, which can impede hair growth and impact your curl pattern. Soft water cleans your coils more thoroughly by breaking down the hard water buildup, which allows your follicles and scalp to finally breathe. Once your hair and scalp are clean and free to receive nutrients, you’ll start seeing stronger, fuller hair with dimension and shine. Soft water deeply hydrates your curls, revives the sheen, and gives your curls the ability to bounce back stronger than ever.


Try a clarifying shampoo made for curls

Clarifying shampoos strip hair of minerals and buildup, but they can strip your hair of the good stuff, too. Clarifying shampoos with sulfate can rob hair of its natural oils, which are crucial for maintaining healthy curls. If you have curly hair, skip the regular clarifying shampoo and opt for a clarifying alternative that includes chelating or demineralizing ingredients. Curl-friendly clarifying shampoos with apple cider vinegar are great for reviving curly hair because they focus on balancing the pH of your scalp. Rinse with softened water.


Try co-washing for natural hair types 

What is co-washing for curly hair? With co-washing, you skip the shampoo and lather with conditioner. But it’s important to spend twice as much time rinsing your hair as you did conditioning. The key is to wash thoroughly, preferably with soft water. Then, apply your leave-in as normal. Co-washing can be beneficial for curly, coarse, and natural hair types, but you’ll have to find what works best for you depending on if your hair is type 4, color treated, or chemically processed. But if you rinse thoroughly to prevent scalp buildup, a co-wash results in softer hair and healthier curls. 


Choosing the right water softener for curly hair and your home

If you want soft hair, what you actually want is a water softener! Since a water softener can be an investment in your home, choosing the right water softener can be intimidating. But a water softener is more than just an investment in your home– switching to soft water is an investment in your health. Not only does a water softener stop hard water buildup from dragging your curls down, but it also gives you a deep clean that allows you to shine from the inside out. 



If you’re ready to transform your curly girl hair routine, contact us today about our soft water systems! We can help you choose the best water softener for your home and lifestyle. Don’t forget to ask about our eco-friendly soft water service for a no-salt water softener alternative. This delivery service is a great way to enjoy the benefits of soft water without the guilt of salt pollution. 

When it comes to your water, Palm Springs Water Systems delivers.