August is National Water Quality Month. What does that mean for Americans? National Water Quality Month was created to educate the public on the importance of clean water to our way of life. Not only do we need access to clean water, but our ecosystems need protection from the water pollution caused by urbanization. And with all the conversation around water quality, it’s a great time to assess the quality of the water in your own home and how it’s working for you.


If the water in your home is leaving your glassware spotty or deposits a film on your clothes and skin, you could benefit from improving your water. Remember, water shouldn’t have a taste, smell, or leave a residue. The minerals found in hard water can be especially demanding on your appliances, fixtures, hair, skin, and even your taste buds. By improving the water quality of your home, you could actually be breathing life into all that’s around you! You’ll see that the quality of your water is directly connected to your health, your wellness, and the progress of your community.

Understanding Your Water Quality

  • Know where your water comes from. Is your water taken from a lake, river, aquifer, or well? Surface and groundwater sources are susceptible to pollution. Local land pollution, if untreated, can result in large-scale water pollution.
  • Know which contaminants you want to remove from your water. Do you want to rid your water of nitrates, pesticides, sulfates, fluoride, chlorine, lead, arsenic, bacteria, or other contaminants?
  • Test your water. Ask our experts about an in-home water test to determine exactly how good your water is. Compare your water quality levels to a list of regulated contaminants and their detected levels.
  • Check your contaminant levels against national or international standards. Recent studies have found that PFAs, or “forever chemicals,” are in our drinking water at much higher levels than we previously thought.
  • Adjust your home’s water quality to meet your lifestyle needs. Reverse osmosis filtration systems make it possible to customize your mineral levels to fit your preferences. Don’t worry, it’s possible to keep the good stuff while getting rid of harmful contaminants!

The Importance of Clean Water

To understand how clean water impacts every aspect of our life, it can be helpful to think of our water as part of a cycle. Our water treatment solutions play a huge role not just in the water we consume right now, but in the future of clean drinking water, too. When we pollute the land, it impacts our water supply! 


Invest in your future by investing in eco-friendly water treatment solutions. Contact us today to learn how to get the most out of your water.


When it comes to your water, Palm Springs Water Systems delivers.